healthy sleep

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Scratch that, moments after we wake up we can feel how well we slept (or not, ugh.) From puffy eyes to low energy to sluggish metabolism, not getting the Zzz’s you need can wreak havoc on your health starting with your mental state if you’re dragging your exhausted body around. And whether you’re traveling, multitasking, or even adjusting to daylight savings time, sleep can be more elusive than you’d like — more often than you think. How do we break the cycle of poor sleep? Start with a healthy, soothing routine to help wind you down. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can stop stressing about a bad night’s sleep and start waking up refreshed.

Try these three easy, natural pre-bedtime tricks to wind down the right way. With a bit of aromatherapy, self-massage and the ultimate prop every health nut should keep on their bedside table, you’ll be well on your way to sleeping like a queen. 

1. Aromatherapy: Add flower water to an essential oil diffuser 

The first trick to getting a good night’s sleep is to make sure you’re not breathing dry air, which can cause a scratchy throat and keep you awake. Use an aromatherapy diffuser for adding both hydration and calming scents to your ambiance. Add Rose Flower Water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your diffuser each night (we love sandalwood, which may help with relaxation). Turn it on about 15-20 minutes before you hit the hay so you can reap the aromatic benefits, breathe deep, and drift off in peace. 

2. Skip Facial Tension: Spritz an eye pillow with calming lavender 

Eye pillows are not just for airplanes. They work in two main ways: first, they shield your eyes from ambient light that might distract you from drifting off, and second, you can use them to warm or cool your forehead to relieve facial muscle tension. Warm on your radiator for 10 seconds (this promotes pre-bedtime relaxation), or toss in the fridge for a few minutes. Spritz the outside of the eye pillow with Lavender Flower Water (be sure to avoid contact of flower water to the eyes) and inhale deeply, letting the calming botanical effects and gentle weight of the eye pillow without the distractions like that toxic cell phone glare. 

3. Moisturize & Massage: Give yourself a total-body massage to wind down

Self-care cannot be underestimated. After rushing through your day, take a few minutes to wind down with a bath and massage. After your hot bath, gently massage your limbs, feet and hands with Almond Glow Body Lotion. It blends the richness of pure peanut, olive and lanolin oils to naturally nourish your whole body, and you can reap the benefits of antioxidant vitamin E. The oil will also lock in moisture for the night to help reduce your chances of waking up flaky and dry. This lotion glides over your skin without leaving a wonky film and will leave you feeling supple and relaxed. Try it for some pretty sweet dreams.