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Picking out a thoughtful holiday gift for your loved one takes time and attention but why not make it easier on yourself? Most women really need more pampering and self-care in their life. That inspired us to pull together six gift pairings for creative, meaningful DIY presents. These gifts with artful, homemade elements are guaranteed to make anyone feel extra special this holiday season. (Disclaimer — the ideas that are so fun and easy, you’ll probably want to make one of everything for yourself, too!) 

DIY Top Drawer Lavender Sachet and Aromatherapy Locket
A homemade lavender sachet, like this one we love by Amy New Nostalgia, will not only keep her top sock & lingerie drawer smelling fresh, but it’s also super easy (and affordable!) to make. Simply grab a cotton muslin bag and dried lavender flowers either online or a local craft store. Add dry lavender to the muslin sachet, without overstuffing, and pull strings to close. ($14 for enough supplies to make 10 bags.)  

PAIR IT WITH: For your essential-oil-loving pal, find a gorgeous aromatherapy locket, like the Golden Presence Aromatherapy Necklace, by Saje. This white crystal piece is not only elegant for everyday wear but also effectively diffuses aromatics to soothe and energize. Simply unclip the top of the pendant and add a few drops of your favorite Saje essential oil to the aroma-sheet inside the necklace. As the aromas lessen, she can add more drops to access calming, healing vibes anytime, anywhere. ($120)

DIY Epsom Salt Bath Bombs and Almond Apres-Bath Massage Oil
To really amp up your friend or loved one’s hot bath game, treat them with some homemade bath bombs, like this recipe by Popular Science. They only take about 10 minutes to make, and by buying in bulk you can pump out a dozen, customizing each with essential oils and colors. Using Epsom salt dissolved in hot water is an age-old technique to soothe sore muscles. It’s perfect for any woman on the go. And isn’t that every woman? ($24 for enough supplies to make 12.) 

PAIR IT WITH: Our Almond Glow Body Lotion in rose with a simple self-care massage technique after a hot bath or shower is the crème de la crème relaxation routine. This non-GMO, vegetarian blend of pure peanut, olive and lanolin oils softens and conditions skin with total-body hydration. It also contains vitamin E (think: antioxidant benefits), locks in moisture, and slides over skin without tension to gently nourish and soothe dryness during winter months. 

DIY Coconut Oil & Honey Face Mask and Powder Room Aromatherapy

Face masks are a great way to deliver concentrated nutrients to soothe and restore sensitive skin. But you don’t have to buy them over the counter. Pull together a DIY recipe from a few simple household ingredients and you’ve got a fun, customizable gift. We love this homemade, nourishing mask by Coconuts and KettleBells, which combines the antibacterial, creamy properties of honey with the ultra-hydrating elements of coconut oil for added moisture to nourish dry, flaky skin during the winter. Mix two teaspoons of coconut oil with 1.5 teaspoons of honey and one drop of your favorite essential oil. Wrap in a small jar and store in a cool, dry place. To use, massage into face in a circular motion, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse off with cool water and pat dry. ($3)

PAIR IT WITH: Help her set the tone for a spa-like experience (right at home) with an essential oil diffuser. The Aroma Om Gold Marble Diffuser by Saje is a chic, holiday-inspired edition of their signature powder-room-perfect piece. It features two settings, has a soft candlelit-esque light, and quietly infuses essential oils into the air. Add water to the fill line, and 10-15 drops from the Saje Good Cheer Holiday-Inspired Blends set: Peppermint Twist with a splash of orange, to refresh; Tree Scents with pine needle and cedarwood, to warm; All the Feels with orange and clove, to ground; and Sugar Plum Fairy, with cinnamon and mandarin, for cheer. From hot baths to prepping for a holiday party, this diffuser will completely revolutionize her powder room routine. (Aroma Edge, $90 and Holiday Blends, $45)

DIY Dreamcatcher and Lavender Pillow Spritzer for Quality Zzzs
Kiss bad dreams goodbye with this creative DIY Dreamcatcher by Fresh Scents. All you need is an embroidery hoop (you can find these at any craft store), twine, feathers, beads, decorative fabric, lace, and a sachet of Fresh Scents’ Feathers fragrance. Wispy feathers spritzed with a soothing, calming blend of lavender, sweet jasmine, and amber. To make, wrap the hoop in lace and tie a loop at the top (where she will anchor it above her bed). Cut three yards of twine and loosely wrap around the outsides of the hoop, threading through each loop in concentric circles inward. Tie off the twine in the middle around one center bead. Create 6-7 thin strips of decorative fabric and tie those to the bottom of the dreamcatcher. Then thread a few beads onto pieces of twine and attach to each scented feather. Tie feathers between each strip of fabric and voilà! ($2.50 per feather, and $10 for supplies for one.) 

PAIR IT WITH: Drift off into dream paradise with our Flower Water Lavender Mist. This light blend of botanicals makes an excellent substitute for heavier fragrances and has zero artificial or synthetic chemicals. To use, delicately spritz the pillows 3-5 times each night before bedtime to wind down the mind. Lavender helps relax the body for a good night’s sleep and light mist refreshes linens for quality Zzzs. 

DIY Vitamin E Oil Charcoal Soap and Eco-Friendly Hand Towels
Try your hand at a homemade soap with this super simple Vitamin E Oil infused Charcoal Soap Recipe by Things We’ll Make. Activated charcoal is thought to absorb toxins and excess oil, and helps to better cleanse the skin. And vitamin E oil, with its thick consistency perfect for soap, brings its antioxidant benefits and can help to hydrate the skin and give it a moisture-boost. Grab all of the ingredients and mix together following the recipe carefully to yield about six bars. ($20 for enough supplies to make 6 bars.) 

PAIR IT WITH: These classy Sahar Ivory & Black Hand Towels, made in Morocco, are a safe bet for any bathroom. Each handwoven Egyptian cotton number takes over 24 hours to make and only gets softer with each wash. The towel has a cotton weave that’s extra absorbent and each is made from fair trade fabric, in a 100% fair trade environment. ($30)