3 Reasons everclēn is the Crème de la Crème for Sensitive Skin

3 Reasons

Anyone with sensitive skin knows: you must take special care of it. No excuses — or you’ll inevitably have a flare up. Even the most mild fragrances, colors, and synthetic ingredients can cause unwanted irritation, redness or dryness. That’s why it’s so crucial to choose only products with clean, natural ingredients that are clinically tested and proven to be kind to sensitive skin. everclēn’s sensitive formulas are specifically engineered for women with sensitive skin. Because not surprisingly, sensitive skin is on the rise: research from a Farage MA study in 2009 showed that over 75% of women complained of sensitive facial skin, while just eight years before in 2001, one in two women claimed to have sensitive skin.  

Get ahead of the skincare game and take control of what you put on your face and body to keep your skin feeling soft, nourished and naturally radiant on the daily. Here are three reasons why everclēn skincare products beat all others for sensitive skin. 

1. Make the Most of Your Cleansing (and Avoid Breakouts!)  

When it comes to picking your beauty products, steer clear of comedogenic ingredients that are known to clog pores and prevent the skin barrier from breathing naturally. Instead, make sure the labels on what you’re putting on your face and body say, “non-comedogenic”. This means it doesn’t include any ingredients that will clog pores or slow down cleansing. In addition, make sure you choose formulas that are hypoallergenic — especially if you’re very sensitive, you want the gentlest, most nourishing cleansing agents that will lift dirt and oil away without harshly exfoliating or stripping your skin. 

TRY IT: everclēn’s Facial Cleanser softly eliminates unwanted gunk without stripping the skin of natural oils or clogging pores. Massage into your face in gentle circular motions twice per day to restore your skin’s natural pH balance and get back your original glow. Follow it up with the Facial Toner, Face Cream and Eye Cream for the full effect. Check out the whole collection

2. Kiss Fragrance-Related Flare Ups Goodbye   

Synthetic fragrances may make your skincare products smell good, but if you know your susceptible to irritation, don’t risk it. When you put fragrances on your face and body they can aggravate your skin barrier and cause unwanted redness or irritation.  Watch out for terms like “unscented” when choosing beauty products because according to the FDA regulations they can actually contain fragrances, but carry additional chemicals added to mask them. Instead, always look for “fragrance-free” and don’t let the fou-fou fool you. 

TRY IT: Instead, get your fragrance-like-fix with all-natural botanicals in Home Health’s Flower Water collection in Lavender, Vanilla and Rose. Spritz this calming, hydrating body mist over your skin after a shower, on pulse points for a clean perfume alternative, and around the home for aromatherapy benefits.  

3. Non-Irritating and Tested by Real Women, Just like You

Certain ingredients can cause irritation and flare ups of sensitive skin. Avoid choosing products with harsh detergents, chemicals like phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA’s and parabens. On purpose, everclēn’s skincare line stands apart in not only remaining free of all of the above, but also being clinically tested and proven safe for sensitive skin. Each formula has been through a rigorous clinical ringer meeting the highest standards of the skincare industry. Not to mention, our panel of real women gave their valuable feedback to develop these nourishing, non-irritating, and ultra-moisturizing products so you get the best of both worlds. 

TRY IT: Need a total-body moisturizer solution? Don’t miss Almond Glow — a blend of pure peanut, olive and lanolin oils that condition and nourish your skin naturally. Plus, get ample antioxidant benefits of vitamin E. Try a quick massage after a hot shower for a simple self-care beauty trick to wind down from a busy day.