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Home Health: When did you start using castor oil and why?


Liz Eustace: I started using castor oil about 18 months ago. I love serums and oils and find that they agree with my skin. Castor oil, for me, started as an ingredient in a recipe I discovered online for healthy eyebrows. The other two ingredients were vitamin E and coconut oil — both of which I keep in my cupboard at all times. Castor oil was the only thing I had to go out and buy so I did a little research on it because I wasn’t as familiar with its purpose or benefits.


HH: What are your favorite uses for castor oil in your beauty routine?


LE: I use castor oil daily. I started by using it just on my eyebrows but also found that it was amazing to moisturize my eyelashes (weird, I know!). And then it kind of evolved into a make-up remover (for my eyes only). When I’m in this [daily castor oil] routine — especially in winter — I’ll finish this up by putting some on my lips as well. I have really dry skin so I love how thick it is and it instantly replenishes my skin.


HH: How did your love of castor oil evolve once you learned how it worked best for you?


LE: Well, I use it in my beauty routine frequently now, and for many things. What started as one out of three ingredients [to solve for eyebrow nourishment], became a single source of benefits… lush lashes, eyebrow moisturizer and a lip conditioner in the winter. I think outside of the more superficial benefits around my beauty routine, I’ve noticed that in living in the harsh northern climate [Canada], castor oil helps with extreme, dry skin, particularly in my hands.


HH: What’s your #1 best piece of advice for women new to castor oil?


LE: Don’t be afraid of how heavy it is. It can feel way too thick to absorb when you first put it on, but it trust me, it does! (And beautifully.)


BONUS STORAGE TIP: Use a Cotton Round to Absorb Unwanted Excess


Because of castor oil’s thicker, sticky consistency (a good thing for moisturizing skin, hair, or nails!) it can also cling to vanity surfaces. Counter this with a cotton round. “I place a cotton pad underneath the bottle before I put it back into my cabinet,” says Liz. “For me, some always makes its way down to the bottom of the bottle and it can be challenging to clean up from bathroom counters.” This simple trick fixes that.