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We asked Founder of FELT and Certified KonMari Method™ Consultant Cassidy Nasello for her simple, yet effective ways to organize beauty products. From deciding which items you love to smart storage solutions, here’s Cassidy’s top advice on tidying up your beauty routine. 

Q: Why is it important to organize your beauty cabinet, closet, or vanity?
A: The work I do is all about simplifying your life so you can enjoy it — including your beauty routine.

The overall theme is to find simplification. The goal is to reduce daily friction with stuff and to find flow and ease in our routines. As it applies to beauty rituals, they should be just that, sacred rituals. Rifling through old makeup to return to the same few things we use everyday is not only a time suck, it makes something that should be enjoyable a tedious chore. 

Q: So, how do you know if your beauty products spark joy? What are some good questions to ask yourself? 
A: If you feel good wearing it, then it sparks joy for you! 

Pretend you are curating your own beauty counter and you are a VIP customer.  Would you let a customer use old crumbled eyeshadow and dried up lipstick?  You deserve the best quality. Try to avoid one-off products (as I advise with clothing shopping, too) that won’t serve you beyond an event. Look for quality and versatility. Bottom line, do you feel good putting it on?  The answer should be a simple yes. 

Q: What is the best way to start organizing your beauty products? 
A: First, ditch all unwanted, used, and old products. And read the labels!

Dump, dump, dump. Then sort by category, such as eye shadows, lipsticks, creams.  Then ask yourself if you like the product and is it current.  Ideally, you are also checking to see if it is toxin free, as many of our products might be full of parabens and other harmful toxins. 

Q: What if you’re not sure whether or not to toss a beauty product? What should you do if you get stuck, because you might use it in the future? 
A: Keep only what you really need and use. If you’re on the fence, get rid of it. 

Remember, you are putting this beauty product on your largest organ. So, saving it for the theoretical future might not be the best idea, as the products’ structural composition will be compromised. If you are thinking about a special future event that you don’t know about yet, well, won’t you be excited to go get that perfect lipstick once you know what you are going to wear?  

Q: How should you store the beauty products you do keep? In what order should they be, and how can you keep them tidy?
A: Opt for clear containers, iPhone boxes, and get rid of enough to see what products you actually have. 

Don’t stack anything. Standing things up like files in a file cabinet will allow you to see all of your products. Put them left to right in order of application. Treat makeup brushes like an artist would for her tools of the trade. But most importantly, simplify what you have by reducing volume. Only then should you think about storage solutions. When you’re there, try iPhone boxes! They are great for tweezers and eye creams, and they fit on the shelf of most medicine cabinets. Otherwise, go for clear storage solutions when you can [so you can see all of your products]. Organizers that have too many compartments will be challenging and hard to maintain — one lipstick too many and the system falls apart. 

Q: What is your favorite multi-use product, to cut down on clutter in your beauty cabinet?  
A: Always keep vitamin E and C oils handy. 

I love vitamin E and C oils for their exfoliating and healing properties. Look to own good quality beauty products driven from nature, and store them in cool areas, or drawers to maintain their potency. 

Q: How do you pack your makeup bag and keep beauty products organized when you travel? 
A: Less is more. A little (product) can go a long way. 

I only “dress up” my face with additional eyeliner or a darker lipstick. Bottom line, keep it simple when you pack. Regardless, I like to lay out cosmetics on a hand towel when I arrive at my destination. It feels a little indulgent and I can see everything. Or, try a lay-flat bag to keep your items separate and visible, like this Lay N Go Cosmetic Bag. 

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